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22 January 2015

Any country who has stable broadband internet like cable internet, fibre optic internet can now run successful VoIP phone implementations and has world-class service and support 24x7.

We provide premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers. Virtual numbers are readily available in our stock and may be immediately activated by using our web portal. Key reasons to buy virtual numbers from Skybridge Domains VoIP Phone: Your phone numbers canbe easily accessed whenever you like, quick to get working and comes world-class without question. Put simply, virtual phone numbers based on Skybridge Domains VoIP phone will work just like a traditional analogue PSTN copper phone line dragged physically out to your house or business except better, clearer and more cost effective - Because VoIP phone is digitally enhanced. VoIP stands for Voice over IP phone - in short, VoIP is phone over broadband internet and the cost savings is huge. Some of our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars off their monthly phone bill. VoIP is the new type of home or business phone for the 21st centuary and beyond.

VoIP phone numbers is accessed worldwide by Skybridge Domains VoIP Phoen exchange online and through it's various IP based phone servers. You get guaranteed connectivity and is reliable and supported worldwide - so there is no trouble to bring your own number or start fresh and get start new, now by signing up to a new VoIP Phone number worldwide. You can choose almost any VoIP phone geo-location and get started from $29.95/month which includes 200 minutes on our basic call structure with the account a month.

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