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Fast Dedicated Servers (Linux cPanel Web Hosting)

World-class Dedicated Servers designed specifically for your website, IAAS ans SAAS Applications.

Intel Xeon E3 1240 V2 CPU
1GBPS Network Ports
SSD 480x2 Hard Drives

Ideal for Microsoft Windows 2016 Servers and Microsoft Exchange Servers 2016. We'll build you a dedicated server that's rock solid on the best technology and has the best software to manage your dedicated server. Get Installed and Manage your dedicated server with Microsoft Windows 2016 Servers and Microsoft Exchange Servers 2016. Microsoft Exchange 2016 Mail Servers.

Perfect Solutions for Website Hosting in Australia

Fast Servers and hosting means lots of enquiries and sales for your business brand online. Without a dedicated server, your dedicated server is super-slow and unreliable. Because, your dedicated server would normally sit on a shared web site hosting platform.

Your Dedicated Server is your presence online and brings you success. According to google, your website needs to have a website https SSL certificate and load within 4 seconds or less.

Dedicated Servers with Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers. Apache and IIS Web Servers. Exchange Servers and Exim Servers.

Fastest Dedicated Servers, signup to enhance your website, iaas and saas.

CPU: XEON E3-1220 V6

Get Microsoft Windows 2016 Server with Microsoft Exchange Server Installed and Configured.

Dedicated Servers.
Priced to Sell $299/month AUD + GST.

Switch to Microsoft Windows with Microsoft IIS

If you are looking for a way to completely control and manage your email server then you have found it. Simply signup to a brand new dedicated server with the minimum specifications based on the best dedicated server specs. You nede Microsoft Windows 2016 next.

After installing and configuring Microsoft Windows Dedicated Servers 2016 and Installing and configuring Microsoft Exchange Server then you can move forward and make your develop your own microsoft dedicated server with a microsoft exchange server email server, it's run and owned privately by you. If you need the technical support then it is available 24x7. Your Microsoft Exchange Server can be built for your organisation globally or locally. Buy your next dedicated servers from $299/month with exchange server built in with your next microsoft windows 2016 server.

Microsoft Windows Server is your rock-solid OS with IIS Web Servers Online. Super-Fast, Reliable and Affordable.

Fast Dedicated Servers with China - Fast Website Hosting

Fast Dedicated Servers China, Hong Kong, Fast Dedicated Servers Australia - Dedicated Servers require a great deal of dedicated servers hardware and software along with a robust and global dedicated servers network to be able to handle your websites, iaas and saas needs (your welcome, you can thank us later). Dedicated Servers is a great way to host any web site and have complete dedicated server control over your windows or linux operating system. Skybridge Domains Dedicated Servers can handle the fastest network speeds available through your 1gbps network ports and a minimum speeds of 8GB RAM is highly recommended, 2 or 4GB ram just won't cut it today, also, you need a dedicated server with super-fast SSD hard drives to store all your content and data on your dedicated server, yes, we do of course, do full backups and redundancy options with your dedicated server. It is highly recommended that you purchase 2 dedicated servers (even if they are low end). Dedicated Servers is your access to the online world and you need it to be fast, reliable and secure. Dedicated Servers come with two types of operating systems, 1. windows dedicated servers and 2. linux dedicated servers. The dedicated servers serve a different purpose and they are very different operating systems. Most people go for Linux CentOS64bit or Fedora, Red Hat operating system that's 64bit so you can do things with the most technical support available. Skybridge Domains Dedicated Servers do however, have over 90+ distributrions of linux but it gives you an indication of which OS you might want to choose, alternatively, it's really up to you and which serves your business needs and ultimately, your programmming/software requirements.

Best Dedicated Servers in Australia

From any operating system, Microsoft Windows 2012, 2016 Servers. Unlimited SSD with super-fast hard drives is our key point because, having a fast dedicated server, means you'll increase website visitors from all around the world and this includes locally. The more specifications of your fast dedicated server then the more potential visitors you will get. It's unique visitors that sets you a part from the other web sites who just get 50 or 100 daily visitors. You need millions of unique visitors daily from all around the world.

If you got a slow website already, which most of us do. That's because it's on a $6/month plan or something like this from another service provider and your web site host is shared with thousands. That's not a problem when you first start out small and you need to get things up and running quickly but when you grow and get bigger as a company then a fast dedicated server is your upgradeable option.

Best Dedicated Servers in Australia and around the world. If you are lookin for a fast dedicated server in Australia then you've come to the right place. Signup to the fastest dedicated servers with super-fast SSD hard drives with solid state drives. 1gbps network ports is available for fast dedicated server bandwidth, extra speed is available to get your website, iaas, saas or dedicated servers, up and running as quickly as possible.

Powering Hundreds of Website Users Worldwide

Great and helpful IT professional staff is the key when it comes to getting help from your dedicated server is for some unforseen issue arrises.

You need help then and there. Not in 48 hours, like most other service providers offer. You need help in virtually real time and have access to your always-on service provider.

Fast Dedicated Servers is your way forward in help getting your status noticed online - It's how the big companies have been doing it for years and years.

Australia Dedicated Servers - Buy your next dedicated servers $299/month AUD + GST.

Use Fast Websites with Fast cPanel Web Hosting Solutions & Microsoft IIS ASP.NET, Microsoft Windows Server (Dedicated Servers).


SECURE - SCALABLE - ENTERPRISE PERFORMANCE - 24/7 AUSTRALIAN SUPPORT - Choosing a dedicated server can save your business thousands of dollars a year because...

You won’t need to spend on expensive server hardware Reduced power costs to running your own server and cooling No risk of theft or damage No lost sales or negative customer experiences Lower maintenance costs

Dedicated Servers is the latest way forward of getting fast dedicated server hosting technology for your web site, IAAS, SAAS.

Dedicated Servers


Dedicated Servers


Dedicated Servers


Dedicated Servers


Got a great website but it's not performing as well as you would like? Signup and Switch to the fastest website platform in Australia

Dedicated Servers with No cPanel and 2 IP addresses with Email Server and Apache Web Server is a great combination. Unlimited Tech Support 24x7.

Linux Dedicated Servers allow you to run fast web hosting solutions for your own website online like a shopping cart with Wordpress + WooCommerce Solutions, buy your next Linux Dedicated Server from $299/month AUD + GST.

Dedicated Servers

Host any thing on your own platform with fast dedicated servers 24x7.

Dedicated Servers Australia Corporation

Dedicated Servers is delivered by Skybridge Domains is a Australian-based and professional business with apache web servers, email servers, linux servers, iis web servers and windows servers available for your needs. Most of our web site hosting solutions for fast dedicated servers starts from $299/month AUD + GST.

Dedicated Servers Australia - Linux Dedicated Servers with all the latest software updates, Microsoft Windows Dedicated Servers comes with a fast datacentre network and hosted within Australia. Signup to Fast Dedicated Servers Australia, we'll get you online quick.

Dedicated Servers Intel Xeon Processor E3 1230 8M Cache 320-GHz

Bring Your Idea Online for all the world to see with a brand new super-fast dedicated server. Your brand new dedicated server comes with unlimited technical support 24x7 and all the latest hardware and software.

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